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︎    Hey! I’m Bit: a designer, photographer currently working for ︎︎︎Inkling based in Brooklyn, NY.


Bit Klecker is a designer + photographer currently living in Minneapolis and soon-to-be in Brooklyn, NY.

My brain is a tango between the right and left halves: they take turns leading, spinning and dipping, and ultimately they work together to create something energetic and amazing. I’m formally trained as a graphic designer with education in mass communications and strategic marketing.

People pay me to tell their stories for them. Sometimes it’s at weddings, carrying around a bag full of camera equipment and documenting one of the best days of their lives. Sometimes it’s through my pencil, sketching, molding, drawing, and drafting until the story is told just right through vector points, colors, and typography. Sometimes I do it alone. Sometimes it’s alongside a ton of smart, creative people.

Whatever method it is, I love to do it. And the end product—and the process of creating it together—is something worth spending my life doing.

Other than my creative endeavors, I really love long distance running, making people laugh, my espresso machine, and exploring where I live via all of my five senses (espeically taste).

Oh, and Bit is short for Elizabeth ;)

Fun Fact:When I was 8, I co-authored a newspaper called The Nut York Times with my cousin comprised of news satire. It was incredibly unsuccessful, unless you ask my dad.