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︎    Hey! I’m Bit: a designer, photographer currently working for ︎︎︎Inkling based in Brooklyn, NY.


The On Athletics Club

Digital Photography | Film Photography
In the summer of 2020 I got to shoot for the fastest growing run speciality brand and for my favorite sport.

The On Athletics Club came together in the pursuit of global running excellence. Their starting roster included some of the biggest names from the NCAA and experience from distance running legend Dathan Ritzenhein. To put it simply, OAC came out of the gates running: in their inaugural year they produced 4 Olympians.

The On creative team asked me: “Can you shoot some of the campaign on film?” Um, hell yeah.
I followed the newly minted On Athletics Club around for a week—hanging out of a van, trekking across mountain canyons, and in a backyard Airbnb playing Catan with some of the fastest people in the world, all while toting my 5 lb Canon 1v-HS. It was, quite honestly, the best time of my life. As a lifelong runner myself, being able to tell the stories of people pursuing their dreams in track and field is just as good as it gets.
Special thanks to On Running, Steve Dekoker, Andrew Wheating, and the On Athletics Club!