Bit Klecker

Minneapolis, MN
︎︎︎ Brooklyn, NY

Designer Photographer

︎    Hey! I’m Bit: a designer, photographer, and wannabe interior decorator living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently working for ︎︎︎Inkling based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Verist CBD

Digital Photography | Film Photography | Social Media Design
is a new CBD company farmed and processed in the Minnesota river valley. I got to do a lot of product and brand photography for them—and some fun animation as well! I shoot both digital and film for Verist, as their brand includes both the sustainability and transparency of small-batch farming as well as the high-quality, designer essence of their branding.
Creative Director: Sarah Kearin
Art Director: Emma Dahlgren
Senior Designer: Emma Dahlgren
Photographer & Jr. Designer: Bit Klecker
Motion Designer: Bit Klecker